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Webinar: The New Blueprint for Growth: Building a Grad & Adult Ed Portfolio Amid Economic Uncertainty

The New Blueprint for Growth: Building a Graduate & Adult Education Portfolio Amid Economic Uncertainty

The COVID-19 crisis has only heightened the already acute pressure on university leaders to launch and grow revenue-generating graduate and adult education programs. Register for this webinar to learn about the trends our partners at EAB are seeing in the graduate education market—and get our early predictions for how countercyclical effects and other socioeconomic impacts of the pandemic will shape the new blueprint for graduate growth.

NAGAP Webinar: Graduate Marketing & Recruitment in the Times of COVID-19

Part of a series of NAGAP webinars dedicated to responding to the COVID-19 outbreak, this session will discuss graduate student marketing and recruitment as we navigate the challenges of the virus. Conversations will also be included as part of the NAGAP podcast, The NAGAP Report. 

NAGAP Webinar: Re-envisioning Student-Centered Service in Graduate Enrollment Management

Higher education institutions across the nation are facing tough financial times with shadowy national reports forecasted over the next decade: enrollment will be historically low and institutions must adjust to stay afloat. This shift has been the impetus for the implementation of a corporate customer service model to increase enrollment, particularly among schools and programs that have looked to new technologies and modalities to reach and recruit a rapidly growing demographic—the online graduate student.

NAGAP Webinar: GEM in the Times of COVID-19 series (Session 1)

We're all dealing with unprecedented challenges as the COVID-19 outbreak impacts colleges and universities throughout the world. Join us for a regular series of conversations about how our GEM colleagues are responding to this "new normal." Conversations will also be included as part of the NAGAP podcast, The NAGAP Report. 

NAGAP Webinar: How/What Must GEM Recruitment Professionals Bring to the Traditional Higher Ed Strategic Planning Table?

The needs and opportunities for more meaningful and deliberate, collaborative and cross-disciplinary relationships among Higher Education and Private / Non-governmental (NGO) sectors are ripe! These focused dialogues require fresh perspectives from Higher Education stakeholders on the front-lines, i.e., those stakeholder students/employers graduate recruiters serve on a regular basis. Who better to foster these critical Higher Education sector relationships than those tasked to be the face of our institutions to the ever more diverse populations (stakeholders) we serve?

NAGAP Webinar: Managing Tough Conversations through Verbal Aikido

Verbal Aikido is a rhetorical method for encountering and redirecting verbal aggression. Using simple techniques, practitioners will learn how to redefine winning outcomes in conflict situations. The method is aimed to produce three results from tough conversations:  neither party loses face; neither party comes to emotional or physical harm; the relationship is as good or better after the conversation as it was before.


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