Strategic Plan & Direction

Celebrating 30 Years: Three Decades Strong

Having just completed our most recent strategic plan NAGAP is taking on some exciting new initiatives going into the next four-year cycle. This webpage has been designed to help you be better informed about the changes and projects going forward. We encourage you to share your thoughts and any suggestions on these new initiatives. Along with a new NAGAP Board, some of the exciting developments include:

  • A new Strategic Plan has set the future of NAGAP
  • Building a Knowledge Center within NAGAP to empower, inform and engage our community
  • Confirming our commitment to the intrinsic value and the economic value that Graduate Education has on society
  • Advocating the importance of access to and funding for higher education
  • Exploring new fellowship, grant and scholarship opportunities for GEM professionals
  • Ensure effective partnerships and collaborative relationships with associations and vendors, both nationally and internationally

View a summary of the Strategic Planning session.

NAGAP Strategic Plan 2017-2021

To be leaders on the forefront of graduate enrollment management
To engage and advance graduate enrollment management professionals by promoting excellence and collaboration through education, research and professional development
Goals and Objectives
NAGAP will be the global knowledge center of informed, engaged and empowered GEM professionals
  • Build awareness and leverage the value proposition of NAGAP and GEM
  • Increase NAGAP visibility among members, prospective members, organizations and media
  • Increase collaborations with other associations & organizations
NAGAP will be the advocate for graduate education and its intrinsic value to society
  • Increase research on the value of graduate education
  • Improve resources for members to communicate the value of graduate education
  • Increase partnerships/collaborations to produce research, improve visibility and create more shared programming
NAGAP will stay ahead of and help shape changes in the field of GEM
  • Increase fellowships, scholarship and research in GEM
  • Increase percentage of non-admission GEM professionals in NAGAP
  • Increase collaboration and partnerships with international GEM organizations
NAGAP will have a diverse revenue stream to ensure sustainability and strategic growth
  • Increase and diversify services that generate revenue
  • Improve communication regarding benefits and value of NAGAP membership with GEM professionals
  • Increase the number of strategic partnerships with vendors and peer organizations that benefit members