Strategic Plan & Direction

Celebrating 30 Years: Three Decades Strong

The leadership of NAGAP continues to review and sharpen it's strategic plan for the well-being of the organization. This webpage has been designed to help you be better informed about the changes and projects going forward. We encourage you to share your thoughts and any suggestions on these new initiatives.

View a summary of the Strategic Planning session for 2018-2020 which was based, in large part, on the Membership Needs Assessment Survey conducted in 2017. The 2020-2022 Board of Governors is developing the association’s new strategic plan based on the 2020 Membership Needs Assessment results. The plan will be shared with the membership upon adoption.

Key Focus Area 1: Recognized Leadership
We will be recognized as the leaders in GEM by our members, institutions, partners, and the media.

Key Focus Area 2: Research and Promotion of GEM Knowledge Creation
We will lead the generation of new GEM knowledge.

Key Focus Area 3: Marketing, Recruitment, and Retention of Members
We will be recognized as the leader in GEM by meeting the ever-changing professional needs of our membership.

Key Focus Area 4: Diversity and Inclusion
We will have a comprehensive focus on inclusiveness and diversity across all core aspects of the association, including membership, leadership, and education.

Key Focus Area 5: Education and Professional Development
We will provide quality educational and professional development opportunities that use a diverse range of accessible channels that address the changing needs of GEM professionals.

Key Focus Area 6: Chapters
We will complement our members’ opportunities for professional growth and development by supporting regional and special-interest Chapters that increase access to NAGAP for GEM professionals while reinforcing the mission of the association.

Key Focus Area 7: Fiscal Management
NAGAP will have a diverse revenue stream to ensure sustainability and strategic growth.