Pathways to Leadership

Leadership Profiles 

As you consider your future involvement with NAGAP, it may be helpful to see examples of how some of our colleagues have navigated their individual paths toward NAGAP leadership.

Leadership comes in many forms, and all forms help professional organizations like NAGAP sustain and grow into the future. Whether you explore opportunities at the chapter or association level, your contributions help the association continue to thrive in an ever-changing higher education landscape. From presenting an education session to committee membership to chapter officer roles to running for an elected governing board position, there are opportunities to lead in a variety of ways. As demonstrated by these Leadership Profiles, the journey to becoming a leader in NAGAP can take many shapes.

There are many paths to leadership within NAGAP. We encourage you to engage with NAGAP and take the first step to finding yours.

"The greatest leaders mobilize others by coalescing people around a shared vision." --Ken Blanchard, Author, The One Minute Manager


 Kimberly Holley

 Senior Director of Admissions
 Appalachian State University

 NAGAP member since 2016

 Learn about Kimberly's NAGAP leadership pathway


 Anthony Perez

 Associate Director of Recruitment and Marketing
 Medical College of Wisconsin

 NAGAP member since 2016

 Learn about Anthony's NAGAP leadership pathway


 Ann Talbot

 Senior Assistant Dean for Enrollment Strategy
 Loyola University Chicago School of Law

 NAGAP member since 2008

 Learn about Ann's NAGAP leadership pathway

 Teisha Johnson

 Senior Director of Admissions
 Illinois College of Optometry

 NAGAP member since 2006

 Learn about Teisha's NAGAP leadership pathway


 Amanda Ostreko

 Assistant Vice Provost and Director of Graduate Enrollment Management
 University of Kansas

 NAGAP member since 2008

 Learn about Amanda's NAGAP leadership pathway

 Ryan Taughrin 

 Director of Admissions
 University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education

 NAGAP member since 2013

 Learn about Ryan's NAGAP leadership pathway


 Jeremiah Nelson

 Assistant Professor of Management
 Catawba College

 NAGAP member since 2006

 Learn about Jeremiah's NAGAP leadership pathway


 Ashley Hurley

 School of Graduate Studies
 Memorial University of Newfoundland

 NAGAP member since 2014

 Learn about Ashley's NAGAP leadership pathway