2017 NAGAP Salary Survey Report

The Mission of NAGAP is to support, advance and engage graduate enrollment professionals by promoting integrity, excellence and collaboration through education and professional development.

2017 National Salary Survey

The NAGAP Research Committee is pleased to report that the 2017 National Salary Survey has been completed by over 1,000 respondents. The survey is now closed and the report will be available to members later this year.

For those of us working in the evolving field of graduate education and enrollment management, quality compensation data is critical. In addition to salary comparisons, we can answer other important questions such as,

  • What titles are people using?
  • What skills are most critical?
  • What areas are people working in?

Survey Report

A survey report will be created and made available to current NAGAP members. Over the years, many have cited this report as being invaluable for job searches, negotiating increases, and staff restructuring.  While creating this report, we have also been laying the groundwork for some exciting changes in the future. New with this report will be an interactive, digital version of the salary survey that allows our members to create more customizable reports specifically comparing their own position with peers in GEM. 

To access the 2015 survey report, please log in to the Members Only section of the NAGAP website.