Membership Spotlight - Vincent James

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Robert Sommo, New York University


Friday, January 3, 2020 - 12:30pm

Vincent James

Director of Admissions, Harvard University, T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Boston, MA 

Education:  BS in Chemical Engineering from MIT, MBA from Rutgers University, MA in Organizational Management and MS in Computer Information Systems from the University of Phoenix

Vincent James is the Director of Admissions at the T.H. Chan School of Public Health at Harvard University. Vincent has been in this role for 19 years, and has worked in higher education for a total of 28 years. His primary responsibilities at the Chan School are oversight of the entire admissions process, including recruitment, operations and yield. What Vincent likes most about his job at Harvard is having the opportunity to discuss the different degree/program options available to prospective students. He also enjoys working with newly admitted students to answer any of their questions or concerns. When asked what he might change about his current position Vincent responded by saying he would like to be able to “devote more time to spreading news about public health opportunities to underserved populations. Many people are not aware how broad the field that public health covers.” 

Vincent found himself working in higher education as a result of an alumni volunteer opportunity, serving as an interviewer for his alma mater Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). At that time he was working in corporate life as a systems analyst at a bank in NYC prior to joining the staff at MIT. The volunteer opportunity revealed his love for this type of work in education. Soon after he had the opportunity to apply for an admissions position at MIT and the rest is history. “The opportunity came at the right time, and I was interested in making a career change,” he says.

Vincent has some very sound advice for those who are new to the field of graduate enrollment management (GEM). “Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the process," he says. "NAGAP is an opportunity to make use of the wealth of information around you from your peers and colleagues. It is a wonderful opportunity to ask questions and learn about best practices.”

Vincent has been a NAGAP member for the last 15 years. He attends annual conferences regularly and one of this highlights was the most recent conference in Toronto. He loved both the city of Toronto and the reception at the Hockey Hall of Fame. Vincent is also a member of the New England Association Graduate Enrollment Management (NEGAP) and attended a past NAGAP Winter Institute for Advanced GEM Professionals. “The biggest takeaway is that we are not alone. Many of us deal with the same issues. I appreciate hearing different ways of addressing them. I especially enjoy reconnecting and catching up with people I see annually at the Annual Conference. We are able to pick up where we left off.”