Membership Spotlight - Troy Sterk

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Monday, November 19, 2018 - 8:00am

NAGAP Membership Spotlight

Troy Sterk

Senior Admissions Counselor

Seattle University, Seattle, WA

Education: BA in education and history, MS in student development administration, EdD in educational leadership

Troy Sterk, Senior Admissions Counselor at Seattle University has spent 14 years guiding prospective graduate students through the intricacies of an education at Seattle University. One of his biggest joys is helping students navigate the application process and helping them determine the best path for their chosen career goals. While busy helping students find their ways, Troy regrets that he rarely has time to engage with those outside his departments at the university. Getting outside the office is always a challenge with so much on your plate, juggling a number of different programs. 

Troy’s origins in education started when he was a classroom teacher, and his love for education quickly transitioned into a passion for, and career in, higher education. Troy’s preparation for his dream career was intense to say the least – he earned an undergraduate degree in education and history, a master’s degree in student development administration, and ultimately his EdD in educational leadership. Today he’s a thought leader and accomplished professional in the field.

One of the challenges he faces is keeping up with the rapidly changing environment of higher education, both in the variety of modes of delivery and the increased competition for graduate students.  A key reason that Troy joined NAGAP was to learn from other professionals in the field and to keep up with the many changes taking place. 

Troy is also a long-term member of JGAP (Jesuit Graduate Enrollment Management Professionals) and enjoys the special elements of being a part of a Jesuit Institution like Seattle University.  He also enjoys visiting the different Jesuit schools as they often have “on-site” meetings at institutions located where the conference is being held.  Troy has also attended the Summer Institute along with multiple national conferences.  “It is a great way to network and hear how other institutions are handling admission-related issues,” he says. Troy also currently serves as a member of the NAGAP Publications Committee.

What does Troy do when not helping prospective Seattle University students?  Outside of work, Troy is a lover of birds and enjoys observing many different species on campus and the surrounding area. He also likes hiking, exploring nature, reading, photography, and good food and drink. When asked if he could work in any other field his response is library science, which makes sense.  Bird watching, history, higher education and teaching – it seems library science would be a great way to bring them all together.