Membership Spotlight - Philip Guerrero

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Robert Sommo, New York University


Monday, August 19, 2019 - 9:45am

Philip Guerrero

Graduate Program Administrator, The University of Texas at Austin

Austin, TX

Education:  University of Texas at Austin

Philip Guerrero has been at The University of Texas at Austin for the last 34 years. Clearly Philip is devoted to the field of higher education. His role as Graduate Program Administrator encompasses every aspect of enrollment management, from recruitment to program planning. Philip’s favorite part of his job, however, is the people. “The students and prospective students I meet are the best. I also enjoy my counterparts and colleagues throughout UT Austin. I am surrounded by great people,” he says.

Philip knew he wanted to be in higher education since the first day of his first job in the admissions office at UT Austin. “That’s when I knew there were so many facets to the world of enrollment management, and I wanted to try my hand at all of them.” Philip also offers some advice for new GEM professionals. First, he says, “Get to know everyone. Find a group that supports your efforts and join it. Also, network, network, network.”  As you have probably gleaned from this profile already, Philip is a social being and truly appreciates the importance of relationships and building communities not only for support, but also to ensure success and contentment. 

Philip has been a member of NAGAP since around 2006. He joined after learning of a colleague’s experience at the NAGAP Annual Conference. What she told him resonated with Philip, and he felt compelled to investigate NAGAP and join himself. He's been a member ever since. Philip is also a founding member of TxGAP, The Texas Leader in Graduate Enrollment Management. He has been President, Vice-President and Treasurer of the TxGAP chapter. He also served on the NAGAP 2012 Conference Committee, the Marketing Committee, and as both a recorder and moderator at multiple conferences. 

Philip has attended all annual conferences since 2006 except for one. Some of his best takeaways are related to creating and developing new student orientations, and most recently, how to recruit students from underrepresented groups. Of recent interest is how schools are faring after removing the GRE as an application requirement, which is a change his institution is considering. Philip had a hard time identifying one favorite memory from his NAGAP experience. “Meeting new people each year is always special. Having fun with those people also adds to the memories and results in lifelong friendships”. If he had to identify one memory it would be his very first conference in Denver in 2006, when he first truly felt at home in GEM.

Philip has benefitted greatly from his colleagues and friends at NAGAP. Through his connections he was better able to navigate the conference experience and contribute as a volunteer. He has also turned to many for advice and consultation over the years. He often calls his NAGAP friends when he comes up with ideas about programs he wants to start on his own campus to talk it through for feasibility and effectiveness. “These conversations are always fruitful and help me do things at UT that benefit my students and other in my position on campus,” says Philip.

Some interesting facts about Philip - He is also founding member of CenTACRAO, which is the Central Texas chapter of TACRAO, the Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers. He plays tennis, softball, volleyball and he bowls. He is also the official scorekeeper for the UT Women’s volleyball team. In work, as in life, Philip clearly has a lot of balls in the air. but seems to be handling them adeptly and successfully throughout his thirty-four year career.