Membership Spotlight - Naronda Wright

The Mission of NAGAP is to support, advance and engage graduate enrollment professionals by promoting integrity, excellence and collaboration through education and professional development.


Friday, April 19, 2019 - 10:30am

Naronda Wright

Graduate Admissions Specialist, Georgia Southern University

Statesboro, GA

Education:  BA from Columbia College in General Studies with a minor in Sociology, MEd in Higher Education from Georgia Southern University

Naronda Wright is a familiar NAGAP face if you’ve just returned from the Annual Conference in Toronto. As Annual Conference Chair, she has volunteered countless hours over the past year to ensure the educational event was a valuable learning experience, an impressive relationship building exercise, and a fantastic social event to meet new colleagues and reconnect with old friends. Her dedication and leadership ensured the success of the Conference for over 800 graduate enrollment management professionals from around the country and around the world.

Naronda is the Graduate Admissions Specialist at Georgia Southern University and has been with the University for 11 years, her entire tenure within the field of higher education. Her responsibilities include all aspects of graduate student recruitment as well as the logistics and of GSU’s application and admissions process.

Naronda enjoys a lot about her job, but specifically she is drawn to the relationship building that takes place while working with applicants and students. Naronda recognizes the importance of not only the process, but the relationship-based element of admissions and recruitment. If she had to change anything about her job, it would be the focus and emphasis on graduate education. Another change is to alter the resources provided – in the upward direction of course. 

After 11 years in higher education Naronda has some sound advice for those just entering the exciting GEM arena. She recommends building relationships with others in the field and getting involved in NAGAP and using the resources it provides. “There is a wealth of knowledge in the organization and you should utilize it to guide you in your GEM journey.”

Naronda has been an active NAGAP member for 7 years and has attended a wide range of events and conferences throughout her participation. Currently, Naronda serves on the NAGAP Executive Board and is Chair of the Annual Conference Committee. One of her favorite NAGAP memories is listening to the opening speaker at the 2018 Annual Conference in New Orleans. The speaker was Dr. Tererai Trent, who told a powerful story of determination, persistence and eventual success in achieving your goals despite the many overwhelming obstacles confronting you.

Some interesting facts about Naronda that you may not know. She served in the US Army for 7 years.  She served primarily in the personnel area processing orders, awards and other personnel paperwork for other soldiers. She was made an E5 (Sargeant) right before leaving the service. This probably accounts for her discipline and attention to detail in her GEM activities. 

Naronda has benefitted enormously from her membership and participation in NAGAP. “NAGAP has allowed me to build professional relationships with colleagues that I may have otherwise never met. I have met people I can text, call or email about work and can share my personal life with. I have found some genuine friends being involved in this organization.”