Membership Spotlight - Jessica Hull

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NAGAP Membership Spotlight

Jessica Ann Vera Hull

Associate Director of Graduate Admissions, School of Visual Arts

New York, New York

Education: BA in Visual Arts (Photography) and Communications & Media Studies, Fordham College and MSEd from CUNY Baruch

Jessica Hull, a 12-year NAGAP Member and the current Associate Director of Graduate Admissions at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City, has combined her love of art and the art of education into a rewarding career. Her 15 year tenure at SVA and higher education experience of over 18 years has provided the opportunity to work closely with prospective students. One of the most enjoyable aspects of her current position is attending National Portfolio Day. Jessica says, “They are always memorable – there is nothing like reviewing student artwork, listening to their interests and helping them find the right program to chase their dreams”.

One of the challenges faced in her current position, and graduate enrollment in general, is knowing exactly where to promote programs to reach a wide audience. “With the evolution of social media and changing trends it is more and more difficult to stay in the conversation and keep strong candidates on your radar” say Jessica.

Jessica initially joined NAGAP when she transitioned to graduate enrollment from undergraduate admission and was a “one- person office” in graduate admissions. “Many years and a promotion later, I’m leading the department and a staff of 3 full-time employees. NAGAP definitely helped me grow as a professional and gain the confidence I needed to take on this leadership role.” For any newcomers to the field of graduate admissions and higher education Jessica recommends joining NAGAP and learning from peers. “It is important to connect yourself to a community of professionals and resources dedicated to the same cause. You’ll gain so much!”

Jessica knew she wanted to be in this field from her days of working in her Dean’s Office as an undergraduate student. She realized back then how fulfilling it was to help others decide their educational trajectory and career aspirations, and also know she wanted to “fuse this passion with her arts background” and pursue a career in higher education.

Jessica’s favorite NAGAP memory is when she heard Sally Hogshead as the keynote speaker at an annual conference where she presented on “The Fascinate System” as a community building exercise. “It was a tremendous takeaway”. Jessica is also a member of NYGAP (New York Graduate Admissions Professionals)

Jessica’s biggest takeaways from attending NAGAP conferences is that there is “much to learn from others” and the world is changing every day and "it’s important to stay on top of the news and the trends as they all impact higher education in some way.”  Jessica has bonded with NAGAP peers over the years and enjoys knowing that she can relate on a professional level “regardless of age, race, gender or industry.”

Some fun facts about Jessica – She is a huge Tim Burton fan and had the opportunity to meet him at an event at MOMA where he was signing books during his show.  Jessica loves live music, traveling and exploring art museums and galleries whenever possible.  She is a consistent Comic Con attendee and shows appreciation for some of her favorite characters through cosplay. What would Jessica be doing if not the Associate Director of Graduate Admissions for SVA?  More than likely running her own art gallery or pursuing her art career as a full time artist.  But for now Jessica has the wonderful opportunity to combine her love of arts with her love of helping people find their education pathways and ultimate careers in the art world.