Meet our Members

There are many avenues to get involved in NAGAP.  Some require a higher level of commitment like serving on a committee or on the Board of Directors, while other opportunities can be short term such as writing an article for Perspectives, presenting or volunteering at the annual conference, or something as simple, yet extremely important, as voting.

We encourage you to engage with NAGAP on your unique “Pathway."  Remember, there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" process or a straight pathway for NAGAP involvement.  As you consider your own future involvement, it may be helpful to read examples of your colleagues and their individual Membership Pathways in NAGAP.

Renanda Wood Dear
Director of Field Education
Georgia State University School of Social Work

NAGAP member since 2008

Learn about Renanda's NAGAP membership pathway

Jeremiah Nelson
Director, Enrollment Management
Wake Forest University School of Business

NAGAP member since 2006

Learn about Jeremiah's path to NAGAP leadership

Kittie Pain
Director of Graduate Admissions
McDaniel College

NAGAP member since 2005

Learn about Kittie's NAGAP membership pathway

Troy Sterk
Senior Admissions Counselor
Seattle University

NAGAP member since 2006

Hear about Troy's membership in NAGAP

Jennifer Webb
Director of Graduate Admissions
Marymount University

NAGAP member since 2007

Hear about Jennifer's membership in NAGAP


Archived Member Spotlights

Keith Ramsdell – March 2015

Helen Valine – February 2015

Tiffany Morey – November 2014

Gunay Ziyadova – Fall Perspectives 2014

James Vaseleck – Spring Perspectives 2014

Mallory Maggiacomo – Spring Perspectives 2014

Matt Cipriano – Fall Perspectives 2013