Leadership Academy FAQs


Leadership Academy Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Information 

Q: Do I have to pay the full $3,500 registration fee at one time or can I make payments?

A: Installment payments are available with total payment received no later than September 1. Each installment payment will be least $875 and may be a larger amount, determined by the amount of time between the initial invoice and the first learning session start date. 

Background: The registration fee includes all learning materials, learning management system access, community of practice access, webinars, coaching sessions, registration fees for two face-to-face learning sessions, and breakfast, lunch, and breaks at the learning sessions. Airfare, lodging, ground transportation, and meals not provided (dinner) are at the expense of the participants. 

If you wish to utilize available professional development funding from the 2019-2020 fiscal year, complete the application process early in order to be accepted and invoiced prior to the end of June. 

Q: What if there are several people from my university who want to participate? Is there a discount?

A: Contact NAGAP regarding institutional pricing for multiple attendees from the same institution. We will review these on a case-by-case basis. 

Q: What if I need to cancel?

A: Cancellations will be accepted until August 15. The initial deposit of $875 or $1,125 is non-refundable. Any additional fees paid will be refunded. After August 15, cancellations will be accepted, but no refunds will be provided. No exceptions.

Substitution of Participants: If a substitution is requested by an institution, the new participant must complete the application process and be accepted into the course on their own merit. Fees will then be transferred. Substitutions must occur prior to August 15

Leadership Academy Dates & Details

Q: Will there be pre-course work to complete prior to the start of the September learning session?

A: Yes. Once accepted to participate in the NAGAP Leadership Academy, the pre-work will begin in July with a 360-degree assessment. That information will help form the content for the September course.