Annual Conference GEM Certificate

NAGAP is pleased to announce the inaugural NAGAP Annual Conference Graduate Enrollment Management Certificate, which conference attendees can earn after attending a series of sessions dedicated to topics across the GEM lifecycle at each Annual Conference. As NAGAP further solidifies its status as the leader in graduate enrollment management, the certificate will provide opportunities for members to expand their skillsets beyond admissions, marketing, and recruitment.

What is the Annual Conference GEM Certificate?

The Annual Conference Graduate Enrollment Management Certificate is a certificate of completion that conference attendees can earn after attending a series of sessions at each NAGAP Annual Conference. It deliberately includes sessions outside of admission, marketing, and recruitment to help enhance members' skillsets across the GEM lifecycle. 

Why should I earn the Annual Conference GEM Certificate?

Many of our members work in admission or recruitment roles and possess a depth of skills in those areas. As roles evolve more broadly into graduate enrollment management, it is important for our members to be prepared for roles that expand in areas like financial aid, strategic planning, student services, alumni, and other areas. The session topics will change each year, so you can earn the certificate as many times as you'd like. 

How do I participate?

Indicate your interest on the 2020 Graduate Enrollment Management Summit registration form. When you check in at the Annual Conference, you will be provided with a schedule and a participation card. You will need to attend one session in each of five out of seven available categories to earn the certificate. Please ensure that you have your participation card stamped at each participating session you attend. 

What exactly do I earn?

Once you complete your participation card, the NAGAP staff will provide you with a printed certificate signifying your accomplishment. 

Is there a charge to participate?

No, there is no cost to participate. Simply indicate your interest on your registration form, obtain your certificate card when you check in, attend the necessary sessions, and receive your certificate before you head home. 

2020 Certificate Sessions

The categories selected for the 2020 Annual Conference Graduate Enrollment Management Certificate are as follows:

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Enrollment Modeling & Strategic Planning
  • Financial Aid
  • Professional Development
  • Recruitment & Marketing
  • Student Services
  • Working with International Students

To earn this year's certificate, you will need to attend one session each from at least five of the seven categories above. 

View all of the 2020 certificate categories and sessions

To participate in the 2020 Annual Conference GEM Certificate, please indicate your interest on the conference registration form.

Have questions?

Please contact Marcus Hanscom, NAGAP Education Chair, with any questions regarding the NAGAP Annual Conference Graduate Enrollment Management Certificate.