Bylaws & Statements

Value systems, human resources, and belief in intellectual potential are integral to the fabric of higher learning. Therefore, the following standards for graduate enrollment management personnel are recommended.

Bylaws, Best Practices, Standards and Statements


The Bylaws are NAGAP's governing document. It outlines NAGAP's membership types, committee structure and duties of the Board of Directors.
NAGAP Bylaws

NAGAP Bylaws were revised in April 2019.

NAGAP's Diversity Statement


NAGAP's Stance on Racial Injustice - June 2020

NAGAP Responds to Admissions Scandal- March 2019

Affirmative Action Resources - July 2018

NAGAP Responds to DeVos Confirmation and Immigration Order - February 2017

Open Letter to U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos - February 2017

Statement from NAGAP President: Reflection on Recent Events - December 2016

Best Practices

This statement serves as a guideline to ensure that high standards are applied in the development of graduate/professional school enrollment management policies and practices.
NAGAP Best Practices

Value systems, human resources, and belief in intellectual potential are integral to the fabric of higher learning. Graduate Enrollment Management professionals serve academic institutions in developing programs and activities related to the various areas within enrollment management, including recruitment, admissions, student services, financial aid and alumni relations. Fairness and non-discrimination are essential components of Graduate Enrollment Management. Therefore, the following best practices are recommended for professionals within enrollment management.

Logo Standards

NAGAP’s brand identity is one of the most important building blocks of its marketing and communications program. Consistent use of our official logo, colors and typefaces distinguish NAGAP from other organizations.

A strong visual identity fosters immediate recognition and builds a sense of credibility/longevity for our institutes, workshops and conferences, in addition to our website and publications. If consistently applied, graphic elements speak to a variety of constituencies in a distinct manner which ultimately builds awareness.  We believe the standards outlined will not infringe on creative expression, but rather help to assure and safeguard a clear and consistent expression of NAGAP’s brand.