NAGAP 2021 Graduate Enrollment Management Summit Program

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Wednesday, April 28, 2021 (all times are Eastern)

12:00pm -3:00pm

Pre-Summit Institute: Five Steps to Follow for Graduate/Professional Recruitment Plan Development & a Presentation of the NAGAP/Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL) GEM Survey Results

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4:30pm -5:30pm All About NAGAP: Whether you’re new to our NAGAP family or you’re a veteran member, this session will help you learn how to get the most out of your NAGAP membership. Learn about the professional development and leadership opportunities as well as how to be engaged with colleagues across the globe.
5:30pm -6:30pm Virtual Happy Hour/Visit Exhibits (earn points toward prize drawings)

Thursday, April 29, 2021 (all times are Eastern)

11:00am - 4:45pm Visit Exhibits (earn points toward prize drawings)
11:30am - 11:45am Welcome & Opening Remarks
11:45am - 12:45pm

Opening Keynote Address: Rubberband Resilience - How to Stretch without Snapping 

Sponsored by Liaison


1A Problems of Practice: Creating Innovative & Collaborative Solutions to Pressing Challenges - Special Interest Forum, Enrollment Modeling & Strategic Planning, Expert
1B A Day in the Life of a Chaper Leader: Pathway to Shaping NAGAP's Future - Special Interest Forum, Career, Staff, & Personal Development, Intermediate
1C It Takes a Village: Policies for Attracting Academic High-Achievers to Graduate School in Teacher Education - Presentation, GEM Operations, Intermediate
1D How Grad Schools Are Using HubSpot to Augment Their CRMs: A Panel Discussion with Large & Small Institutions - Vendor Presentation
1E The Struggle Is Real! Coping with Silent Illness at the Office - Presentation, Career, Staff, & Personal Development, Advanced


2A Evaluating Potential: An Investigation of Holistic Graduate Admissions Practices - Presentation, GEM Operations, Intermediate
2B Advanced Professionals Roundtable: Budget Management & Planning - Special Interest Forum, Money Matters, Expert 
2C Continuity in a Crisis: How Liaison Helped Graduate Programs Weather the Challenges of 2020 & Grow Stronger for 2021 - Vendor Presentation, Basic
2D Going Full-Circle with URM Recruitment: Integrating Strategies for Engaging and Retaining Potential Graduate Students – Presentation, Recruitment & Marketing, Advanced
2E What Did You Say to Me? Actionable Communiation Tools for a Successful Workplace - Presentation, Career, Staff, & Personal Development, Advanced


3A Professional Parenthood: Survival Tips, Discussion, & a Candid Look at Today's Working Parents - Special Interest Forum, Career, Staff, & Personal Development, Intermediate
3B Understanding the Special Education Teacher Pipeline: How Motivations for Entry & Program Design Impact Enrollment Outcomes across Targeted Markets - Presentation, Student Lifecycle, Engagement, & Support, Intermediate
3CThe State of Graduate Program Marketing & Enrollment Management - Presentation, Recruitment & Marketing, Intermediate
3D Polaroid Admissions Professionals in a Snapchat World - Presentation, Recruitment & Marketing, Basic
3E NAGAP Information Session for Potential Members
4:45 pm - 5:45 pm Emerging Leaders Reception                                                      

Friday, April 30, 2021 (all times are Eastern)

11:00am - 5:00pm Visit Exhibits (earn points toward prize drawings)
11:00am - 12:00pm

NAGAP Business Meeting & Awards Presentations (all attendees welcome to participate)

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Plenary Session: Creating Culture - The Power of Enrollment Management for Equity in Graduate Education

Sponsored by WES


4A Stressed, Tired, & Overwhelmed: How to Manage Change at Your Institution - Special Interest Forum, Career, Staff, & Personal Development, Advanced
4B Advanced Professionals Roundtable: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion - Special Interest Forum, Career, Staff, & Personal Development, Expert
4C Exploring Curricular Innovation through the Eyes of Influential Stakeholders - Presentation, Enrollment Modeling & Strategic Planning, Basic
4D Formative Feedback to Support Graduate Student Instructors: Using Mid-Semester Feedback to Develop Reflective & Effective Future Faculty - Presentation, GEM Operations, Basic
4E We Asked, You Answered: Longitudinal Survey Results from Graduate Enrollment Professionals - Presentation, Recruitment & Marketing, Intermediate


5A What's the Plan? Shaping a Steadfast Personal Development Plan - Special Interest Forum, Career, Staff, & Personal Development, Basic
5B International Graduate Enrollment Management: a NAGAP & NAFSA Context - Presentation, Enrollment Modeling & Strategic Planing, Intermediate
5C Advanced Professionals Roundtable: Leadership & Change Management - Special Interest Forum, Career, Staff, & Personal Development, Expert 
5D NAGAP & Carnegie Dartlet's Digital Insights for Graduate Enrollment Report - Presentation, Recruitment & Marketing, Intermediate

3:45pm - 4:45pm

Closing Keynote Address                                            

Sponsored by ETS
4:45pm - 5:00pm Closing Remarks & Prize Drawings

ON-DEMAND SESSIONS (available any time and up to 12 months after the conference)

Career, Staff, & Professional Development Sessions

Entering into a New GEM Role: Learning from Others in the Same Position – Panel, Intermediate
Building the Team: Engaging Your Employees and Helping Them Shine – Presentation, Advanced
The Dream Team or Nightmare: Leading an Inherited Team – Presentation, Advanced
Negotiation Strategies and Skills for GEM Professionals – Presentation, Advanced
Complexity Leadership in GEM – Presentation, Advanced

Enrollment Modeling & Strategic Planning Sessions

Preparing for the Next Era of Enriched Data: The Rise of Behavioral Analytics and Personas in Student Recruitment and Marketing – Presentation, Advanced
A Social Science Approach to GEM: Strategic Growth through Data, Technology, and Surveying – Presentation, Advanced
Strategic Enrollment Management Wizardry: Incorporating a Holistic Approach to Planning and Collaborating – Presentation, Advanced

GEM Operations Sessions

Creating a Cohesive CRM Integration: How to Maximize Your Multi-Platform Recruitment Process Presentation, Intermediate 
Casting a Wider Net: Maximizing Admissions Resources by Creating a Cross-Trained Recruitment Team – Panel, Intermediate
Building Bridges to Attract and Support Underrepresented and First-Generation Students – Presentation, Intermediate
Diamonds in the Rough: Building a Resilient GEM Team – Presentation, Advanced
New Graduate Student Orientation: What, When, Where, Why, and How? – Presentation, Basic
Assessment in Action: Applying Focus Group Findings to Enhance Online Student Programming Presentation, Intermediate

Money Matters Sessions

Enhancing Financial Aid in Graduate Enrollment Management: Financial Aid Services and Strategic Use of Financial Aid in Recruiting Students – Presentation, Intermediate

Recruitment & Marketing Sessions

The Five-Year International Degree Debate: Is It a Bachelor or a Master? – Presentation, Basic
Strategies for Engaging Faculty in the Recruitment Process – Presentation, Intermediate
Utilizing Authentic Relationships to Build and Maintain Trust among Students of Color Presentation, Intermediate
The New Rules for Marketing and Recruitment in GEM Presentation, Advanced
Virtual Creativity: Incorporating Virtual Fairs into Your Foundational Recruitment Strategy, Post-Pandemic Version!Presentation, Advanced
Enhancing Your Global Access: Working with EducationUSA for International Graduate Student Recruitment and Retention – Presentation, Intermediate
Leveraging LinkedIn for Student Acquisition – Presentation, Intermediate
Delivering Parallel Experiences for On-Campus and Virtual Recruiting Events – Presentation,  Intermediate
Five Habits of Highly Effective Marketing – Presentation,  Intermediate
Recruiting Internationally: Best Practices for Africa, Europe, and Eurasia – Presentation, Intermediate
Sponsored by Cambridge Assessment English
The Grad Fair Is Not Dead: Moving beyond the Table to Maximize Opportunities – Presentation, Intermediate
The 2020 Inquiry Response Project: How Graduate Programs Are Improving (or Not!) Responses to Student Inquiries – Presentation, Intermediate
Think Globally, Act Virtually: Recruitment and Admissions during the Pandemic  Presentation, Intermediate
Evaluating International Professional Degrees – Presentation, Intermediate   
Moving Online Marketing from Agency to In-House: How SBMI Managed Its Google Adwords Campaign – Presentation, Basic