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NAGAP Webinar: Managing Tough Conversations through Verbal Aikido

Verbal Aikido is a rhetorical method for encountering and redirecting verbal aggression. Using simple techniques, practitioners will learn how to redefine winning outcomes in conflict situations. The method is aimed to produce three results from tough conversations:  neither party loses face; neither party comes to emotional or physical harm; the relationship is as good or better after the conversation as it was before.

NAGAP Webinar: Incentivizing Students for External Funding Opportunities

Thousands of fellowships and grants exist for graduate students, providing cost-free money for research and education. These opportunities range from $500 to $150,000, and are beneficial as financial support and professional prestige.  How do students identify opportunities that are right for them? How do students complete the complex applications? Challenges for the university include helping students, but also how do we know who applied to what opportunities? How do we know who obtained a fellowship or grant?

NAGAP Webinar: Recruitment Strategies to Better Connect with Prospects and Drive Interest in Your Program

Prospective students around the world are ready to take the next step in their education journey — but how do you find the students that best fit your program? And how do you interact with them to ensure they choose you? In this session, we’ll explore recruitment strategies to identify and engage with students whose qualifications and aspirations best match your program needs. You’ll learn practical ways to build emotional connections, deliver relevant and timely information and influence the decision-making process to achieve your recruitment goals.

NAGAP Webinar: Reviewer Diligence and Responsibility in the Graduate Admissions Process

The reality of graduate admissions is that programs need to make swift determinations about complete strangers with limited information. How can professionals gather and consider the right evidence about applicants and select those that best meet program needs and support institutional goals in an equitable way? In this session, learn about the purpose and benefits of various components of the application packet, as well as strategies for mitigating drawbacks of each component to create a holistic, equitable process that works for you. 

NAGAP Webinar: Creating a Proposal for the 2020 Graduate Enrollment Management Summit

Join NAGAP for this special webinar to prepare a session proposal for the upcoming Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida, April 22-25. We will discuss how to select an appropriate session format, optimize your topic for your audience, and build a successful topic from conception to outline to proposal.

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NAGAP Webinar: Why Quality Assurance (QA) Should Be A Fundamental Element of your Marketing and Recruitment Strategy

Find out how a secret shopping program, an ongoing applicant survey, and ongoing CRM audits informed Regis University, a private Jesuit university with over 5500 graduate students, of their opportunities and applicant experience. Quality assurance has always been an important part of running any organization – but it has become doubly so with the advent of digital technology and increasing competition for students. We will explore why QA should be a fundamental element of your marketing and recruitment strategy.

NAGAP Webinar: Alumni Engagement and Admissions: Ways to Engage Graduate Alumni While Serving as Admissions Ambassadors

Wondering how to get Alumni involved in the Admissions process? Alumni can be an invaluable tool to use for your programs. Learn how to engage alumni for outreach, recruitment, application evaluations, and enrollment activities to get candidates to say yes to your school.

NAGAP Webinar: International Recruitment Strategies, Successful Solutions, and Tools

How can professionals attract talented students from abroad in such trying times? In this session, Joanne Romagni of The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga shares knowledge and research on other nations' mobility campaigns, draws from successful case studies of North American institutions, and presents practical approaches and ideas that can be implemented today for enrollment success tomorrow.

Learning Objectives:

NAGAP Webinar: Successful Predictions - A Showcase of Predictive Analytics in Enrollment Management

Universities are increasingly adopting predictive analytics products and tools to enhance graduate student recruitment. However, this transition is not an easy one. In this webinar, we will discuss the challenges behind the pursuit of predictive analytics in enrollment management. Using examples and initiatives from several schools, we will discuss the requirements, expectations, and lessons learned from advanced analytics projects in strategic enrollment management.


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