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In September 2018, NAGAP launched its first-ever podcast, The NAGAP Report. Changes in technology and requests from members prompted the NAGAP Education Committee to evaluate new opportunities to deliver information and best practices. The result is a medium that provides members with a convenient and free way to learn about the latest and greatest in graduate enrollment management and keep up on what's happening with NAGAP. Join host Marcus Hanscom on this informative podcast.  

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9/27/20 Going Virtual with Handshake - S3 E1
5/6/20 Unpacking the Carnegie Dartlet Survey of Prospective Grad Students during COVID-19 - S2 E7 
4/16/20 What in the World is the Duolingo English Test? - S2 E6 
4/11/20 Graduate Enrollment Marketing and Recruitment during COVID-19 - S2 E5 
4/6/20 NAGAP Crisis Management during COVID-19 - S2 E4 
4/3/20 International GEM during the COVID-19 Outbreak - S2 E3 
3/31/20 How to Successfully Work from Home during COVID-19 - S2 E2 
3/24/20 Responding to COVID-19 Challenges - S2 E1 
2/28/19 Higher Education in Post-Maria Puerto Rico - S1 E3 
11/15/18 The International Landscape - S1 E2 
9/30/18 On the Horizon - S1 E1 

The Host

Marcus Hanscom serves on the NAGAP Board of Directors as Education Chair and is the Director of Graduate Admission at Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI. With more than ten years of experience in graduate enrollment management, Marcus previously served on the Board from 2012 to 2016 and was the founding president of NEGAP, the official New England chapter of NAGAP. 


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