Nominations & Elections

The Mission of NAGAP is to engage and advance Graduate Enrollment Management Professionals by promoting excellence and collaboration through education, research, and professional development.

Thinking about running for office in NAGAP?

The document below provides information about what is expected of each Officer Position, the respective role and function, and requisite skills.  The Board of Directors Commitment Statement is also included.  New and continuing Board members will be expected to sign this document each year when the Board of Directors is installed.

Here are a few basic details to get you started. Download the full document.

Board Selection

The four Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) of the board are elected by the voting members of NAGAP. The Directors of the board are appointed by the new President and confirmed by the newly elected Executive Committee.

Election Timing

The call for Officer Nominations takes place in the fall. The election is slated to wrap up prior to the end of the year. The new Board is formed in the beginning of the even number years and assume office at the conclusion of the Business Meeting following the election (at the conference).


All voting members of NAGAP are eligible for nomination as President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer, or appointment as a director.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Have a working knowledge of NAGAP’s history, mission and goals
  • Working knowledge of bylaws and policies
  • Knowledge of Graduate Enrollment Management
  • Commitment to maintaining a strong organization that is responsive to our membership
  • Ability to handle NAGAP business with tact, enthusiasm and commitment
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Ability to motivate workgroup members
  • Ability to take responsibility and follow through on assignments
  • Ability to work well with people
  • Institutional support for your active participation as a NAGAP Officer and funding for attendance at the Annual Conference

Term of Service

Officers of the Board of Directors are elected to two-year terms according to the NAGAP Bylaws. Directors are appointed for two-year terms.

Time Commitment

Executive officers are required to attend four (4) in-person board meetings each year. Meetings are generally planned around the Winter PDI, Annual Conference, and Summer PDI. There is one additional meeting in October, and that date will be identified once the new leadership is in place.

Board meeting attendance and additional phone meetings often involve both weekday and weekend time commitments. Additionally, executive officers should anticipate committing approximately 10-15 hours per month on activities including, but not limited to, conference calls, workgroup activities, or special project work. The time commitment may vary depending upon the activities of the individual officer. The President and Vice-President can expect a more substantial time commitment and additional travel as part of their officer role.

Benefits of Leadership

  • Leadership is an opportunity to make a difference in NAGAP, the Graduate Enrollment Management field, and the higher education community,
  • Leadership provides an opportunity to identify needs and to support and achieve organizational and professional goals.
  • NAGAP leaders gain experience in building and working with groups, and develop individual leadership skills through professional development activities.
  • Leaders promote and develop leadership in others.
  • The NAGAP Board of Directors helps to shape the organization’s direction and its future.

Role, Function, and Requisite Skills

Click here to see roles, functions and requisite skills for each Officer position and for Directors.


If you have any questions about a position or the nominations process please contact Julie Deland, Leadership Cultivation & Elections Committee Chair, at julie_deland at You can learn more about the charge of the Leadership Cultivation & Elections Committee on the Committe webpage.