GEM Transcript

Video Transcript:


My name is James Crane and I am the president of NAGAP, the Leader in Graduate Enrollment Management.  On behalf of the 2014-2016 NAGAP Board, I am excited to share some recent developments regarding Graduate Enrollment Management, otherwise known as GEM. As you have seen throughout our literature, website and conferences, our theme for our term of service is to define GEM.  NAGAP has been conducting a multilayer research study to discover, clarify, and record themes regarding our practitioners’ perception of GEM, and how it fits within their institution’s student enrollment management system.

NAGAP’s Research and Global Issues Committee undertook the initiative to define GEM and to build a framework that GEM professionals can use in their career. After a few years of work and collaboration within the industry, we are excited to present our members with a list of resources surrounding GEM. A clear, consistent, and commonly accepted understanding of GEM can offer insights into our institutions’ strategic planning processes.

We have created a page on the NAGAP website called “GEM Resources”. Here, you will find the definition of GEM, a white paper, webinar archives, presentations, and several case studies from institutions both large and small, both public and private, that have taken steps toward integrating and addressing the comprehensive needs of graduate students through one office.

You will also find that NAGAP has aligned our educational offerings to the GEM Model. As we continue to build our portfolio of educational offerings, whether online, at a workshop or conference, you will be provided with the tools to assist you to be a leader in the GEM profession.

The models and concepts of graduate enrollment management are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, they are parts of a tool kit that we, as GEM professionals, can use to advocate for and elevate graduate education and graduate student success on our campuses. Different institutions have different needs and understanding the needs of our stakeholders is the key to successfully navigating these changes.

We will continue to work on developing case studies and best practices for NAGAP members so that resources are available to determine what would be best for our roles, our offices, our institutions, and certainly our students.

Lastly, we encourage you to stay in touch with us and share this information with your colleagues. If your institution has undergone restructuring under GEM and you would like to provide us with your case study, please contact us so we can share your experience.

Please watch for more information on this and other NAGAP initiatives in a future edition of NAGAP News.  As always, the NAGAP Board extends our thanks to you for we know that NAGAP would not be a thriving organization without your support!