Experts Bureau

NAGAP’s Experts Bureau consists of higher education leaders with demonstrated organizational knowledge and specialized expertise in at least one of the identified “Core Competencies” of Graduate Enrollment Management (GEM.) The Experts Bureau has been selected for their ample experience, dedication to NAGAP and the GEM community, and their desire to share their knowledge with peers.

Experts Bureau members are available to respond to inquiries from NAGAP members, journalists, GEM-related vendors, and more. Members are also open to speaking engagements at conferences, on panels, and for other presentations. Please place all requests to

Cammie Baker-Clancy

From working in a community college setting to progressing into the GEM field, Cammie has been working with adult students for over thirty years. She’s devoted her career to assisting adult learners in gaining access to higher education through innovative program development, partnership expansion, and pathways for students to obtain graduate-level credit for “life-long learning”. Cammie has served in multiple roles within the NAGAP organization, most recently on the Education Committee. She frequently presents on innovative credential development, and ethical issues in the admissions process and graduate enrollment management.
Director of Graduate Outreach and Admissions, School for Graduate Studies, SUNY Empire State College (NY)

Expertise: Academic Program/Credential Development

Rahul Choudaha

Dr. Rahul Choudaha is an international enrollment analyst and strategist based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Dr. Choudaha is recognized for his insights on international student mobility trends and its strategic implications for enrollment management. He has been frequently quoted in the global media and has presented over 150 sessions at professional conferences around the world on themes related to international enrollment growth and diversification. He was recently featured in an interview with The PIE News. Dr. Choudaha holds a doctorate in higher education administration. He blogs and tweets as DrEducation.
Executive Vice President, Global Engagement and Research, Studyportals

Expertise: International Student Recruitment and Enrollment

Matt Cipriano

Mr. Cipriano’s nearly twenty years in Graduate Enrollment Management have been mostly within the STEM and Biomedical research fields with a focus on policy and operations through enrollment. Mr. Cipriano can speak to diversity in STEM, student support services, and how biomedical programs differ from traditional graduate programs, specifically the differences between Ph.D., MD, and the MD/PhD. His most recent work included co-development of the BioMedCAS (Biomedical School Centralized Application System) which launched in 2017. Mr. Cipriano frequently speaks on the topics of Diversity in STEM, applicant preparedness, application systems, and biomedical programs.
Associate Director of Enrollment and Education Operations, Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences (NY)

Expertise: Admissions Policies and Procedures, STEM/Biomedical Studies

James Crane

James Crane has spent twenty years in Graduate Enrollment Management and during that time, has served as President of NAGAP for two terms. James concentrates his efforts on removing silos and highlighting the student experience in graduate education. He regularly works with faculty at his institution to bring to light the importance of graduate programs on his campus as it intertwines with the undergraduate population. James has extensive work in the graduate student life cycle and creating successful student outcomes.
Assistant Dean, Graduate Studies, Brigham Young University (UT)
Expertise: Graduate Student Lifecycle and International Student Recruitment and Retention

Julie Deland

Ms. Deland is the Immediate Past President of NAGAP and has been working in graduate enrollment management (GEM) for nearly 20 years, all of which have been at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE). As Director of Admissions at HGSE, Ms. Deland’s office is responsible for marketing and recruitment; application processing, evaluation, and notification; and yield initiatives. Beyond that, she is passionate and knowledgeable about admissions and enrollment policies, enrollment management strategy, and staff and personal development. Ms. Deland has presented regularly at NAGAP on various topics including virtual recruitment strategies, international enrollment management, implementation of GEM models, collaboration across enrollment and student services offices, and facilitating conversations on creating innovative and collaborative solutions to pressing challenges.
Director of Admissions, Harvard Graduate School of Education (MA)
Expertise: Staff Professional Development, Admissions Policies and Procedures

Dave Fletcher

Dave Fletcher has served in a number of capacities within the NAGAP organization over his twenty years in GEM and continues to serve today on the Publications and Education Committees. His doctoral work focused on diversity and inclusion in higher education, in particular the study of sexual orientation nondiscrimination in U.S. Catholic higher education. While Dave has presented on this topic at a variety of conferences, he also has a specific interest in assisting colleges and universities with the development of policy and the use of appropriate language regarding diversity and inclusion. He also has extensive knowledge of recruitment and admissions practices in GEM and more recently in podiatric medicine.
Director of Admissions, School of Podiatric Medicine, Barry University (FL)
Expertise: Diversity and Inclusion, Podiatric Medicine

Marcus Hanscom

In his nearly fifteen years in Graduate Enrollment Management, Mr. Hanscom’s experience is vast. He is well versed in ways to market to, recruit, and enroll adult students for graduate study within undergraduate-central campuses using unique and state-of-the art techniques and technologies. Marcus has served in numerous roles within the NAGAP organization from the founding President of NEGAP (New England Chapter) to several terms on the Governing Board. Mr. Hanscom frequently presents on operations and marketing strategies for adult and graduate students.
Director of Graduate Admission, Roger Williams University (RI)

Expertise: Marketing and Recruitment, Operations and Technologies

Josh LaFave

Mr. LaFave possesses experience in multiple aspects of Graduate Enrollment Management, including non-traditional student recruitment, international recruitment, academic program development, student retention and, most recently, branch campus operations. Mr. LaFave has devoted much of his career to the study of GEM and how it is defined among campuses, which can be found throughout his numerous publications on the subject. He was awarded the Future Leader and Building Bridges awards through NAGAP and has served in multiple roles within the organization. Mr. LaFave’s frequently presents on international student trends, GEM marketing, student services, program development, and Strategic Enrollment Management.
Executive Director, Division of Graduate and Continuing Ed, SUNY Potsdam (NY)
Expertise: Strategic Graduate Enrollment Management

Fran Reed

In Ms. Reed’s two decades in Graduate Enrollment Management, she’s been intricately involved in marketing and recruitment through in-bound marketing campaigns. Ms. Reed oversees both undergraduate and graduate staff thus creating symmetry between the two offices yet acknowledging them as having different needs. Through this, though, she has developed recruitment plans that span high school through college for graduate enrollment with proven results. Ms. Reed has co-presented a number of times on the topics of digital advertising, inbound marketing, personalized marketing, and student enrollment.
Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management, Marymount University (VA)
Expertise: Marketing and Recruitment, Staff Professional Development

Donald Resnick

Donald has been serving in the Graduate Enrollment Management profession for nearly 40 years. Throughout his years, Donald has brought to the forefront the importance and need to recognize that a student’s success is linked to each and every avenue of the student’s experience; from their initial outreach as a prospect, through their application process, from academic advising, to student life, nurturing a student through their life-cycle is the key to a successful graduate. Donald's extensive experience in admission, marketing, enrollment management, student success, and institutional research includes positions at New York University, Hofstra University, Drexel University, and the City University of New York. During his time as a NAGAP member, he has held a number of positions within the organization, one of which was President. In 2006, he was awarded its inaugural Distinguished Service Award, the organization's highest honor. Donald holds an MBA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Baruch College and has completed doctoral-level coursework in clinical neuropsychology at Drexel University.
Chief Enrollment and Success Officer, The New School (NY)
Expertise: Student Enrollment and Success, Ethics