Experts Bureau Nomination

The Mission of NAGAP is to support, advance and engage graduate enrollment professionals by promoting integrity, excellence and collaboration through education and professional development.


Tuesday, January 29, 2019 - 10:45am

Nominate an Expert for NAGAP Experts Bureau, 2019 – 2021

NAGAP is seeking nominations to fill 5 – 10 positions on the Experts Bureau.

Are you an expert in graduate enrollment management, and/or specialize in one of the core competencies of GEM? Consider applying to join the Bureau, or nominate a talented colleague.

Bureau History

The NAGAP Experts Bureau was established in 2015 as a means to connect GEM leaders with the media to speak about NAGAP’s key messages on short notice. In addition to representing our organization to the press and external higher education community, the media-trained group of 15 – 20 members is featured in Perspectives articles and may be called upon in the future to participate in panels for workshops/webinars/other speaking opportunities. 


  • Be an engaged member of NAGAP for 5+ years (involved in leadership roles, committees, chapters, etc.).
  • Have worked 10+ years in higher education (GEM experience preferred)
  • Be prepared to serve for two years (with the option to step down after one year of service).
  • Special knowledge of a core GEM area is especially helpful (e.g. Recruitment/Admissions, Operations, Financial Aid, Student Support Services, Advising, Alumni Relations.)

Time Commitment - 2-3 conference calls each year – The purpose of these calls is to allow the group to discuss a current GEM-related topic and get feedback on how colleagues are handling this issue at their institutions. In the past these topics have included recruiting/retaining international students and holistic admissions. The conversation is then summarized into an article for Perspectives.

Short-notice availability to speak with mediaMembers of the Experts Bureau will be contacted first when NAGAP is approached by the media for an opinion or quote. Media training will be provided.

Meeting at Annual ConferenceThis is an opportunity for the Bureau to meet face-to-face and may include media training, brainstorming topics for future conference calls, discussion of annual media relations plan, etc. (This meeting is not mandatory.)

Participation in panelsMembers of the Experts Bureau may also be invited to participate in workshops, webinars, panels at Annual Conference, and other events to share their experiences with topics in GEM.

NAGAP profileExperts Bureau members will be profiled and featured on the website and throughout NAGAP social media channels.


  • Resume/CV builder – Involvement is a service to NAGAP and something to be included on a CV/resume. 
  • Opportunity to promote individual institutions and/or organizations – Whether being quoted in a piece for a regional, national, or international outlet, or in one of the Perspectives articles, Bureau members have the opportunity to share what’s happening at their institutions and their experiences working in graduate education.
  • Networking – Members of the Bureau have a chance to network during conference calls and at the Annual Conference meeting. Bureau participation also provides a small group of colleagues to call upon for advice and/or insight.

Help to forward NAGAP as the Leader in Graduate Enrollment, solidifying our presence in within the higher education community and strengthening our relationship with media contacts and external organizations and stakeholders.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Experts Bureau please submit your CV/resume and a brief statement explaining why you would be a good addition to the Experts Bureau to

New bureau members will be announced in late March 2019 and the first official Bureau meeting will be held at the Annual Conference in Toronto.