Chapter News

Interest in New Chapters and Special Interest Groups Grows

As interest in our chapters grows – we want to make sure our members know of opportunities for involvement. We are excited that some of our colleagues have come together to see if there is enough interest in forming some new chapters and special interest groups.  If you want to get connected, please contact one of the representatives listed below!
Potential Regional (U.S.) Chapters:
(Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska)
Marie Boisvert
Director of the Office of Graduate Studies
Saint Martin’s University, WA
Mboisvert at
Katie Stone
Director of Graduate Recruiting, Boise State U
katiemstone at
Becky White
Director of Student Recruiting Alumni Relations,
School of Nursing, Boise State U
beckywhite1 at
Rosemary Garagnani
Assistant Dean, Graduate School
Oregon State University
Rosemary.Garagnani at
Potential Special Interests Groups:
Schools of Engineering
Adina M. Lav
Director, Enrollment Management
School of Engineering & Applied Science
The George Washington University
adinalav at
Anthony Spatola
Graduate Counselor
School of Engineering & Applied Science
The George Washington University
aspatola at
Schools of Education
Tonishea Jackson
Associate Director, Graduate Admissions – COE
DePaul University
tjacks32 at

Amy Fogliani
Coordinator, Marketing and Recruitment
School of Education
University of San Francisco
afogliani at