2017 Conference - So, You Think You Know Utah?

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So, You Think You Know Utah? 
Surprising Salt Lake City 

If you have never been to Salt Lake City (or haven’t been lately), you may have a pretty strong notion of what to expect: a city surrounded by ski slopes that rolls up its sidewalks at 7:00 pm. It is true that this sparkling clean city is nestled in amazing natural beauty--the Wasatch Mountains are within full view of downtown—but the city’s sleepy image is anything but true!

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about Salt Lake City surround the city’s nightlife (or the imagined lack thereof!). The state has passed sweeping changes to its baffling and oft-criticized liquor laws─including the elimination the state's private club system. Surprising to many first-time visitors but long-known by locals and longtime visitors, Salt Lake is home to numerous brew pubs featuring award-winning brewmasters and an eclectic, diverse nightlife scene. 

If nightlife isn’t your thing, get up early and enjoy the sunrise in one of the City’s parks. Utah is justly famous as a year-round outdoor destination that is fun for all ages. The resorts of Park City are less than an hour from downtown, which make for an easy afternoon of exploring the unique shops and restaurants in the city’s historic district. If you are extending your stay before or after the conference, consider visiting one of Utah’s five National Parks for breathtaking natural beauty and outdoor adventure.

Salt Lake City is a major metropolis of one million people, and getting here will be a snap (its airport is ranked the nation's #1 for on-time arrival and departure!). As soon as you land, it hits you. These people are really nice!  From your arrival until you leave, the locals you meet are helpful with directions and quick to provide you with an insider’s tip on a great local restaurant. The sense of hospitality is everywhere, making the city’s cultural and historic sites easy to explore.

We are excited to host our annual conference in Salt Lake City for our special 30th anniversary year. Come join us as we Explore, Elevate and Engage!
See you in Salt Lake City!

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